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Bresciani and Marcoliani: The World's Finest Luxury Sock Artisans, with more than 60,000 pairs of Italian luxury socks in stock, offers the largest selection of top-quality men's and women's socks on the planet.We have extrafine merino, cotton, cashmere, canshmere/silk blend, linen, silk, sea island and more. Lengths range from no-show loafer socks/peds to the longest thigh-highs ever made. In addition, we have a complete line of French and Italian hosiery for women.

Orders received by noon ship the same day to almost every country in the world. Shipping options range from Free UPS ground service in the U.S. to FedEx and UPS Overnight Air Services. Can't find what you're looking for? Just contact us or call +01-631-267-2800. We're always happy to help.

Which Sock Fiber is best for you? A complete Socks Education. Sock Terminology Defined.


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